Create. Express. Inspire. Words that have resonated with Los Angeles based stylist, Ervina Topalli, since she first entered the fashion world. Known for her charismatic, sweet-natured demeanor and strong sense of purpose on set, Ervina elicits the best from her subjects. Her style has the ability to do just as her motto suggests- express an emotion, a story, a perspective, and inspire those it reaches.

Ervina began her career in fashion mentoring under The Improper Bostonian magazine's Fashion Editor, Victor Vargas, where she quickly learned the many elements of compelling style and successful photo shoots. Her desire to expand her career took her to Los Angeles, where she has been freelance styling for top name brands, companies, and world-renowned individuals in both the high-fashion and corporate spaces. She has created strong relationships with top photographers, makeup artists, models, and hair stylists in the industry, allowing for highly creative and professional work environments. With her background in magazine shoot production, Ervina has been able to produce a majority of shoots from start to finish, all while bringing her inspired vision and talents to life.

Ervina’s dedication to moving others through her styling has left lasting impressions on everyone who has worked alongside her. She is a firm believer in the ability of fashion to affect change for the better- and to ultimately bring beauty, joy, and inspiration to those who her work touches.